General information :: Nakhchivan International Airport

29 Oct 2020


Baku 17.. 19°C
Nakhchivan 11.. 13°C
Lankaran 15.. 17°C
Ganja 10.. 12°C

General information

  • Nakhchivan International Airport occupies peculiar place among airports operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan: High quality services of transportation of passengers and cargos as well as safety of flights have been ensured. The duty of staff and structure of the Airport is to strongly control safety and traffic of flights: The Airport complies with necessary regulations with a view to secure full safety of flights. And this shows positive achievements in transportation of passengers and cargos. Today, capital of Nakhchivan Republic carries out flights to Baku city, Ganja city as well as Istanbul city of the Republic of Turkey and Moscow, capital of Russian Federation. Currently, Nakhchivan Airport is able to receive and send almost all types of operating aircrafts. This is possible due to solid-concrete structure and runway having cargo transportation capacity up to 400 tons.

  • Cargo Terminal (cargo transportation)

    Cargo Terminal is located on the territory of Nakhchivan International Airport. General construction area of the building is 24447.24 square metres. Staff area of the Cargo Terminal is 2400 square metres. Daily cargo transportation capacity is 100 tons. The Terminal has 2 cold stores with capacity of 600 cubic metres and cargo transportation capacity of 20 tons. There is also a storage chamber for goods to be stored for 24 hours as well as storage compartment for storage of small-sized loads. The Terminal is equipped with lighting system, air condition system and fire-prevention equipment meeting modern standards and has daily video surveillance. The Terminal has 1 eletric cargo lifting machine for transportation and lifting of heavy loads, 10 vehicles for medium-sized loads and 10 vehicles for small-sized loads. The Terminal also has electronic scales with capacity of 1500 kilograms both inside and outside. With a view to inspect and provide safety of loads, X-Ray inspection device with size 1.4x1.4 and capacity of 350 kilograms has been installed at the entrance of the Terminal.

  • Airport premises

    Airport premises consists of 2-floor building. First floor has two-sided registration system, second floor accommodates cafe, passengers’ waiting lounge, tecnhical areas and service rooms. Nakhchivan International Airport operates on the basis of registration system which is in compliance with international standards and has a capacity to receive 450-500 passengers per hour. Taxi and bus stops operate within the territory of the premises in order to provide services to passengers. Along with this, passengers make use of shops, restaurants, medical service.

  • Nakhchivan Aerodrome, after reconstruction works in 2004, receives all types of aircrafts with weight up to 400 tons.

  • Aerodrome provision for take-off and landing of aircrafts:

    Regulations for use;

    Maintenance, painting (marking, cleanliness, lighting) of runways;

    Provision of lighting system of aerodrome.

    Preparedness of fire prevention squad.

    Control over ornithological situation.

  • Air navigation services in aerodrome area

  • (together with Azerairnavigation Air Traffic Department)

    • Management of air traffic:

    • Submission of air navigation information:

    • Securing of preparedness of air and electronic communication means for use;

    • Meteorological provision of air navigation;

    • Crash warning and organization and provision of rescue works.

    Nakhchivan Airport carries out duties entrusted to it in connection with the activity of Azerbaijan Airlines Closed Joint Stock Company.

  • Public and technical services operating on the territory of the airport

    * Electricity provision system.

    * Gas provision system

    * Thermal heat system

    * Water supply unit (artesian well)

    * Bacteriological treatment of collecting system.

    * Communication system

    Territory of the aerodrome is 276.6 hectares, its artificial covering surface is 25 hectares.

    Apron consists of 10 parkings. For (Airbus, Boeing) aircrafts

    Despite the fact that the airport cinsists of two take-off and landing runways, actually it uses 14 R-32 L concrete covering runway.

    14 L – 32 R is foreseen for the ramp.

    14 EZ – 135 * -315 –PSN 150 /R/A/W/T-concrete.

    DY-“B” - PSN 150 R/A/W/T- concrete

    DY-“C” - PSN 150 R/A/W/T- concrete

    Apron–parking 10- (Airbus Boeing ) PSN 150 R/A/W/T- concrete

    Airport is certificated.

    Special services are being rendered to all artificial surfaces on the territory of the aerodrome.

    With regard to ornithological activity:

    Installation of “acoustic” bird dispersing equipment manufactured in Canada and meeting the requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) strengthens supervision over ornithological situation.

  • Development plans:

    • Provision of necessary new technological equipment of the aerodrome.

    • Existence of new equipment for fire prevention squad.

    • Existence of special equipment for measuring of tenacity rate at skidometr surface of the aerodrome.

    Get acquainted with automated techiques of the production and install it at the Airport. Purchase new equipment and put it into practice.



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