Passengers with disabilities :: Nakhchivan International Airport

28 Oct 2020


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Passengers with disabilities

Ill/disabled passengers are passengers whose physical or mental state requires individual care (in the course of boarding, deisembarkation, urgent evacuation during the flight, ground service).

Where physical or mental disturbance of passengers is revealed, the Airport carries out procedures related to their transportation on the basis of request to be made by passengers themselves, their relatives or travel agents.

Basing on physical state of passengers or facts indicated in their medical certificate, Carrier does not permit transportation of those persons, as far as their state may influence to the safety or property of other passengers.

Such passengers should be examined by medical units of the Carrier and information on their physical and mental state should be submitted to the Carrier.

Where passenger addresses to sales agent, first part of INCAD blank or information blank printed in the automated information system or each ill/disabled passenger should be drawn up. (INCAD is the information about services rendered to ill/disabled passengers. Application of INCAD standard form is widely used and recommended with a view to obtain medical permission for travel by air and simlify those standard procedures.)

Where additional measures exist or second part of INCAD is completed, that blank should be signed by passenger himself/herself or his/her representative. First part of INCAD shpuld be enclosed to the ticket. Where passenfer is deaf or blind, those procedures should be carried out.

Carrier mau restrict the number of ill/disabled passenger in its flight with a view to comply with safety, technical or use requirements.