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29 Oct 2020


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Shahbuz air booking-officee

A new air ticket office was put into operation in Shahbuz city


In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic all relevant measures are being taken to develop transport infrastructure. Nakhchivan International Airport has laid the foundations for a new stage for the development of this area. Today created conditions consisting increasing the level of service and flight safeties, strengthening the material-technical provision fully meet all modern standards. Effective use of the results of innovation development in the relevant field is designed for the comfort of passengers using our services.
Commissioning of built in the modern architectural style Air Ticket Office on January 30 in Shahbuz city is an integral part of measures aimed at the development of transport infrastructure.
The total area of the building is 410 square meters. The first floor with a total area of 104 square meters consists of a waiting room for passengers, ticket offices, security and technical rooms. One static regulator with the power of 15 kV and one alternative energy source with the power of 10 kV are installed in the ticket office for regulation of power system.
Three computer kits, two computer cases used for the server, network changer, two printers, one sensory apparatus for issuing a queue number and one POS terminal are installed and ready for use in the ticket office.
Seven cameras, one 16-channel NVR and one TV set are installed in the building for ensuring of security.
There are two service rooms and a buffet on the second floor of the ticket office.
The building is equipped with high speed internet, individual heating system, central cooling system and smoke detectors.
Air ticket office both inside and outside is provided with a modern lighting system. Seats and specially designed furniture sets are installed in the building for the convenience of passengers.
Nine people got a job in the new ticket office.



Acquaitance with the “Eastern Terminal” of Nakhchivan International Airport.

           Due to the project of Nakhchivan International Airport the works in the “Eastern Terminal” after reconstruction have been completed. During exploitation preparation within the framework of the first corps of the Airstation the most available facilities capable to provide security of flights, the most modern technologies to have been permitted to use in the Republic of Azerbaijan that meet all norms and requirements of IKAO were used. Crossing bridges joined with the main building of the terminal, telescopic passenger traps, 2 escalators, lift facilities of 800 kg (1 unit), 675 kg (1 unit) considered for invalid and disabled passengers, a new luggage conveyer, nursery, medical station and other places of vital importance decorated interior of the ground floor and first floor were given into use.  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev attended the “Eastern Terminal” on December 01 of Nakhchivan International Airport. Head of the state was informed about the technical data of the terminal by the Chairman of Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov. Wholy taking all available conditions have been provided for the comfortness of the passengers in the terminal. Sure it will enable to increase the pasengers and load circulation 2 times more that’s from 150-200 persons to 450-500 persons.


Reconstruction of the air station






        According to the reconstruction frame works of the air station complex construction works considered in the second stage due to the project has been completed. In this respect the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov and the president of  “ Azerbaijan Air Ways” Closed Joint Stock Company Jahangir Asgarov saw the completed works in the air station of the Nakhchivan International Airport. The highly reconstructed “A” crops terminal building was put into the use of passengers. The first-aid and nursery rooms, large and light waiting halls have been decorated with modern style. The modernization of the activity of Air Navigation, fruitful condition for high cultural service to the customs, migration and border services personals in the airport cover these fields as well. Two lifts, two escalators, a telescopic trap to the air liner from the crossing bridges, as well as luggage conveyer and after facilities are one of the new infrastructures in the airport.  One of the key advantages of the reconstruction works is that to divide the sections between boarding and arriving and the passenger circulation per hours to increase from 150-200 persons to 400-500 ones.




Starting from 14 July 2015 tickets sale to all directions executed by “Airflot” “Turkish Air Ways”, “Gatar Air Ways”, “Ukraine Air Ways”, “Gazakhstan Air Ways” and “Azerbaijan Air Ways” began to be realized in the air booking-offices of Nakhchivan International Airport situated in Nakhchivan, Ordubad and Sharur cities. You can travel all over the world by buying tickets from the air booking-offices.


Wish you pleasant and comfortable fly.


Contact numbers:

Nakhchivan city air booking-office:  

                                                             (036) 545 -28 – 68

Ordubad city air booking – office:

                                                             (036) 547-10-41;   547-07-82

                                                             Naxtel (060) 540-97-16

Sharur city air booking-office:

                                                            (036) 542-28-22; 542-29-90

                                                            Naxtel: (060) 540-97-15






June 2 is the day of civil aviators

         A measure was held in Nakhchivan International Airport dedicated to the day of Civil Aviators. All reporters in the meeting reminded the executive order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan as for may 18, 2006 dedicated to the day of civil aviators and every reporter emphasized the role of our National leader Heydar Aliyev, his contribution in rising the level of this navigation to the world standard. It also was clearly noted that Mr. Ilham Aliyev when come to the power in 2003 continued the course of Heydar Aliyev successfully. As known two development programs for 2004-2010 on Azerbaijan Civil Aviaton were adopted under his leadership. In connection with this some complex measures in this direction were held in the development of the air transportation of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Also is was noted that the level of model service in Nakhchivan International Airport was realized. The mentioned projects include: buildings buying of new of air booking – office in Ordubad and Sharur, machine and mechanisms and putting them into use,  reconstruction works in the building of Air station Complex and some other works. At the end of the measure a thankful letter was sent to Mr Vasif Talibov, Chairman of Supreme Majlis for the state care to the airport; its modernization, for the safety of flights and for the programs based on international practice and implemented in this Air Port.  Also reports covering the capacity of flies expansion, broadening the air station complex, increasing yearly passengers circulation were heard. Veterans were invited to the measure and they were rewarded with different presents and two employees were awarded with “Tərəqqi ” medal by Presidential order.

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